Listening Exercise

17 Nov

Listen to the Triple R Breakfasters program excerpt:

Discuss the following issues:

1. What is the rationale of the segment? e.g. Why is it there? Whose idea was it? Why?

2. Can you describe the reactions of the presenters? What contribution do they make to the discussion?

3. Describe the interaction between the presenters.

3. How would you change/modify this segment if you were the producer?

Listen to the PBS Breakfast show and compare:

The Breakfast Spread for Friday, 7 November 2014

Describe the interaction between the presenters.

The Role of The Radio Producer

11 Nov

Here is some information from a job site:

Here is some information from Creative Skill set:

This is what SYN FM says about the job:

Listen to this Podcast from Radio Academy: 

Commercial Radio – Codes Of Conduct

10 Nov

Please read this document from Commercial Radio Australia regarding Codes of Conduct:


Class #19 – Monday September 15, 2014

14 Sep

Today we MUST :

1. Finish the Holmesglen program production

2. Update the website (via Armando)


Class #18 – Wednesday September 10,2014

9 Sep

Thanks to Leon Sjogren, our guest speaker the other night, who gave what should have been an inspiring talk for those of you interested in pursuing a career in radio.

Today we will:

- Produce our Holmesglen radio programs

- Upload info and update the website.

Class #17 – Monday September 8, 2014

8 Sep


1. We will start producing the Holmesglen programs. (4.00-6.00pm)

2. Guest  speaker Leon  Sjogren will talk about producing radio shows. Please have some really good questions ready. (6.30-7.30pm)


Guest Speaker

2 Sep

Leon Sjogren, former student and current producer of Dan & Maz, is able to come and talk to the class next Monday evening at 6.40pm. This is a great opportunity and I would like everyone to be there.

(I would be prepared to allow people to come in late on the Wednesday in lieu – or just have those in to produce the first Holmesglen radio program).

Please let me know if for some reason you cannot attend.


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