Radio Program Self-Evaluation & Feedback

30 Jul

Radio Self-Evaluation: Luke/Dan/Stacey/Jason/Kate

Jason filled in for Kate on panel who couldn’t make it because she was in hospital. Jason started the show without warning anyone else hence why the theme tune stops and there is about 2 seconds of dead air. Daniel was shaky at the start of the intro.

The banter between the hosts was good and natural and the commercials fit in nicely. The hosts interjection in the review helped liven up a detailed, long review. The use of the ads broke up the show and added some flavour.

Stacey’s review was good, it was shorter than Jason’s but was energetic, lively and she gave a score. Overall we are happy with the show but Jason and Kate need to give more input into the show because they did very little.

Radio review: All seasons

Marcus mic is to low cannot hear him during the intro over the music. Marcus needs to move closer to the microphone. 3 hosts is to much they seem to talk over each other. Transition is a bit slow. The story was good. Dan seems really uncomfortable and awkward. Dan and Marcus sound really bored and its boring us listeners but Armando sounds energetic.

The talking segments are long they really need to separate them with some music to help with the boring tones. Dan shouldn’t do a voice when coming back from a song.

Marcus was talking about his pick to win then stopped and started talking about a different game. Marcus uses soccer terminology, which is difficult to follow when you aren’t a soccer fan. Marcus contradicts himself by saying he said Germany would win the entire world cup, then he didn’t know who would win and then he picked Argentina to win. Dan speaks over Marcus and Armando. Dan is lost during the world cup talk because he isn’t interested. Marcus moved closer to the mic during the world cup talk but then moves away from it again.

This show needs a lot of improvement, it is clear they were not prepared for this show at all because not all of them were interested and its seems like Armando was the only one who did any planning. We don’t know why no one said to Marcus move closer to the mic and stay close to it

SELF-EVALUATION: Jack & Ben, Ellen (Producer) & Jade (Panel)

Having listened back to the show, we were pleasantly surprised and we think it sounded better than imagined. After hearing Brian’s feedback, we were anxious to hear the show.

The introduction was energetic and upbeat. I think, overall the first segment went well, Jack stumbled a couple of times but the segment was one of the better ones because it was fast and kept listeners engaged, oppose to dragging on.

  • Overall paneling was good, a couple of mistakes, good timing when leading into and out of songs.
  • Production was good with the use of sound grabs etc.
  • Jack’s raves were relevant and topical
  • Ben’s stories were funny, at times dragged on and could’ve been told in a shorter duration
  • Game concept was a good idea in theory, some of us think it worked (Jack & Ben) others didn’t.
  • Show had a really great commercial feel too it and was definitely the best compared to the others
  • Callers were funny and worked well
  • When back announcing stick to one person at times Ben would chime in with “hit radio” #unnecessary
  • Sheppard story was good but dragged on way too much, as we heard it both before and after the song
  • Maybe too many anicdotes compared to the other groups
  • Most of the show was quick and punchy
  • Lead into and out of songs was quick – no dead air
  • Intro and outro’s were both well prepared


Evaluation of other program: Mitch/Matt/Robbie/Cassie

  • “Um” said a lot at the start (Mitch)
  • Awkward banter at the start
  • Good use of topic (Splendor)
  • Voices are distinguishable
  • Intro was not punchy and quick enough, too slow paced

Two songs

  • Would’ve cut Magic off a little earlier and spoke whilst the song plays out underneath
  • A little more enthusiasm when speaking, if they are going after a commercial show?
  • Rob sounds good and confident when speaking (has improved a lot)
  • Love rave too long. Faster, faster, faster!
  • A little awkward and dead air after this segment when Mitch & Matt come back and recap what was just said, not necessary, Rob’s just done this? “Did pretty good”.
  • ALWAYS wait till you know the Mic’s are off before you speak (in songs etc.)

Two songs

- Again; back announce over the song ending (adds professional feel)

Two songs

  • Song cut out (technical issue). A lot of dead air.
  • Good recovery once it was sorted.
  • Lack of enthusiasm, but good and relevant topic.
  • Lead in to song (Ms Jackson) was delayed

Two songs

  • Consistent with song back announcing
  • Awkward introduction into Curly Girly (audio too low)
  • Cassie speaks well; fast paced and clear
  • Brought up Splendor again, too much.
  • Good outro, still speaking over music was affective.

SELF-EVALUATION: Gus, Logu, Magda, Bec and Brittany:

We think that our show was a great improvement from previous shows. We believe that we have the right mix between speech and music and an array of different content. With Magda and Logu both presenting, rather challengingly in a second language, it worked out quite well.

*Note the superb panel operation.

Things to improve on:

  • Find new music.
  • Recognise our audience.
  • See if we can fill the whole hour without time leftover.


REVIEW OF: Dan C, Melike, Armando, Marcus, Phoebe

Introduction music was too loud/ Marcus’ microphone was too low. The relationship between the announcers could be improved.
Good points:

  • Armando and Dan C spoke clearly.
  • Nice segments.



Radio Shows – July 23, 2014

30 Jul










All Seasons Radio Show

Class #6 – Wednesday July 30, 2014

29 Jul

1. Terminology Test – Part 1

2. I will upload the radio programs to the blogsite.

This morning I would like you to:

a. Write a group evaluationof your radio program.

b. Listen to ONE other program and write a brief evaluation of that.

Please have these typed up and emailed to me. You will also report to the class today from 1.00pm

3. Work on 7-8 minute story plan – I need a detailed plan from you by the end of class.

4. Plan next radio program – this can incorporate your stories. To go to air on August 20

Please refer to format on hand out.


Radio Stories

28 Jul


NPR – Short Story

‘At some venues, iPads take the place of Opera Glasses’

  • Intro ballet tune
  • American man introducing/ addressing the topic
  • Link to Greg & Judy, people who attended the event
  • Link to Kim (expert on topic)
  • Kim speaks, he then continues to chat/interview her
  • A tune starts as she finishes talking, the Man thanks her
  • The story ends with 11 seconds of opera tune them bed.



Kids’ Films And Stories Share A Dark Theme: Dead Mothers

By Kelly McEvers

Intro – talks about time of the year (school holidays) and watching movies

Relates to her and compares to when she was younger.

Plays grabs from old school kids movies

Talks about kids movies all having dead mothers and names them

Introduces Sarah Boxer, occupation and that she is a mother

*interview with Sarah Boxer*

Link – talks about dead mothers coincidence being before Bambi and gives examples and asks WHY

*Sarah Boxer: Mentions an author who states killing off the mother to give adventure.

Compares to The Lion King where the father dies and mother survives. (plays grab from Lion King)

McEvers talks about another trend which is evil step mothers replacing dead mothers.

*Sarah Boxer: Suggests underlining message that is we don’t need mothers.

Outro – explains worry from mothers whose kids are watching these movies while they’re growing up and should instead watch family adventure movies like The Incredibles.

Promotes Sarah Boxer’s article “Why Are All the Cartoon Mothers Dead?”


NPR story, 6:45

Intro, Zach Braff sound grab, story, interview, movie grab, interview, movie grab, interview/story, movie grab, interview, outro, SFX



Competency: Produce Programs & Program Segments

1. Listen to NPR, BBC, ABC (Triple J’s Hack etc)

Find a 3 – 7 minute story that you like and that you could emulate.

2. Record or download the story to keep as a reference.

3. Write up a plan for the structure of the story.

ie: Introduction, SFX, Interview 1, Link, SFX, Interview 2 etc./……..

4. Send me the link to the story and the plan for the structure.

Class #5 – Monday July 28, 2014

27 Jul

1. Discuss Talk Radio – Please refer to the list of questions and at least have a think about them.

2. We will discuss the production of segments. If you have not found a story etc and written up the structure then you should have done so by now.

3.  Assignment sheet for segment

Talk Radio – Some Questions For Monday July 28

23 Jul

For discussion Monday July 28, 2014

If you have not seen Talk Radio you can borrow the DVD from me.

Please answer the following questions.

1. Barry Champlain’s slogan is ‘the man you love to love.’ Is this an accurate description of how people view him? Why? Give some examples.

2. “You’re throwing me some real curve balls,” says Barry to his co-producer Stu at one point. Why does he say this? How important are the two producers in his radio show. Why? Give some examples.

3. Why do you think Barry rang his ex-wife and asked her to come to Dallas? What does it show about him?

4. When Barry begins his career as a guest on Jeff’s program he is told his behaviour is unacceptable because Jeff might lose his licence. What does Jeff mean by this?

5. The manager, Kent and Stu all say to Barry, “It’s just a show.” Is it just a show?

6. When Barry takes a call from a self-confessed rapist what is the result? What does he try to do to stop this man? What does it say about his power?

7. Many people comment on the fact that Barry is ‘funny.’ Can you explain what they mean and why they say this? Is he funny? Does he think he is funny?

8. “The show must have some role,” says Barry towards the end. Does it?

9. Barry says to his audience, “I guess we’re stuck with each other.” Can you explain what he means by this?

10. Can you think of any local examples of talk show hosts who have a similar style?

11. What is your opinion of the film? Did you learn anything about radio or about the relationship between the broadcaster and the audience?

Story Structure

23 Jul

Please complete this exercise TODAY (Wednesday, July 23) and email me the link and the plan for the story structure.

Competency: Produce Programs & Program Segments

1. Listen to NPR, BBC, ABC (Triple J’s Hack etc)

Find a 3 – 7 minute story that you like and that you could emulate.

2. Record or download the story to keep as a reference.

3. Write up a plan for the structure of the story.

ie: Introduction, SFX, Interview 1, Link, SFX, Interview 2 etc./……..

4. Send me the link to the story and the plan for the structure.


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